Gain more self-control over periodontitis

Innovative and ready to support you anytime, anywhere: with EMPIDENT you get regular feedback on your oral hygiene and oral health risks as well as dental care recommendations and information either from your dental practice or automated

Your digital dental coach for home will support you by




This is what EMPIDENT offers for risk monitoring and oral hygiene control:

Quick detection of problem areas with risk graphs.

Motivating instructions and challenges to eliminate problems.

Individual dental coaching tailored to you and your dental practice

Keeping connected to your dentist and share information with him.

Don’t let your worries hold you back!

Regain your smile and confidence on better oral health with EMPIDENT. The Digital Dental Companion / Coach that supports you to keep motivated and easily strengthen your dental health at home.

This keeps your dentist happy and your teeth too.

Scan. Control. Simle.

1. Scan your teeth

with the EMPIDENT Dental Camera
(2 Min 1 x week).

2. Check your status

with the EMPIDENT app and learn what helps you.

3. Stay tuned

and enjoy a healthy smile.

A professional support for home

Patent-pending biomarker tracking technology.

Developed with prophylaxis experts and users.

Dental AI reveals oral health risks in real time

Certified patient safety: medical product.

We are an innovative startup from Munich.
Join the future of precise oral prevention!

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