About us

Our journey began as patients, frustrated by the limitations of smart toothbrushes and Google Docs in achieving effective prevention. We struggled to implement our dentist’s recommendations at home, realizing we weren’t alone. Dental diseases are widespread, affecting 90% with caries and 50% of adults with periodontitis globally.

Two key issues contribute to this problem:

  1.  Dental diseases lack communication, leaving patients to assess their oral health risk and daily hygiene measures independently. The ideal weekly dental visits are impractical and costly.
  2. Patients are left alone at home, limiting the dental practice’s influence.

EMPIDENT aims to change this. We’re creating a new loop connecting dental practices and patients for continuous care and support, revolutionizing oral health.

The founders

Alexander Knoch – CEO, CFO

With a background in Theoretical Physics, he brings a successful track record of introducing an American cosmetics line to Germany. Alexander combines programming skills with a passion for efficient prophylaxis, spearheading our technological advancements and overseeing financial strategies for our mission to revolutionize oral health care.

Sandra Paz de Lucas – CBO, CSO

She brings extensive expertise in brand strategy from renowned companies, like P&G and BSH but also working as an independent consultant. Witnessing her mother’s battle with periodontitis awakened her to the importance of oral health. As a mother herself, Sandra is dedicated to making good oral health the norm for her children and others.

Luiciano Zickler – CTO

Luiciano Zickler – CTO

Initially a physicist, Luciano worked at a nuclear reactor and a particle accelerator. He then pivoted to entrepreneurship and became an AI scientist. He’s engaged in projects using AI for good, focusing now on patient empowerment and bringen oral health care to a new level.

Our Advisors

Alexander Rinnert

A dentist by background, he is a passionate expert in digital dentistry. With a focus on teledentistry, value health care, and the ethical use of data, he is a forward-thinker shaping the future of dentistry.

Axel Schumacher

R&D leader in genomics, biomarker discovery, and Bio-IT. Author of ‘Blockchain & Healthcare Strategy Guide.’ Translates science into practical applications, transforming precision medicine. Strategic Advisor with international healthtech founder experience.

We are an innovative startup from Munich.
Join the future of precise oral prevention!

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